The world's first network monitoring system to provide full visibility into every packet in the network.

Deep Insight detects any performance anomaly in the network, including microbursts, congestion problems, and load balancing issues.


Barefoot Deep Insight is the first to provide the four ground truths for every packet in the network

At RedFig Networks we can help bring the Deep Insight vision to your production network by utilising the SONIC NOS and Barefoot Networks Deep Insight Software.

  1. How did it get here? The sequence of devices the pocket visited along its path
  2. Why is it here? The set of rules it matched upon to every device along the way.
  3. How long was it delayed? The time it spent buffered in every switch, to the nanosecond.
  4. Why was it delayed? The pockets, flows and applications that the pocket shored each queue with.

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