Finding the Perfect Balance of Performance, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency with the Right Data Center Fabric

RedFig Networks is proud to be a Kaloom partner; with the Kaloom Flow Fabric, Barefoot Networks Tofino and RedFig Networks services and support we are able to offer a full end to end Programable IP Fabric solution with 24/7 software and hardware support. Find out how the Kaloom Flow Fabric can help you save 20% on power consumption in your Data Centre by using vSwitch offload and release CPU cores for other applications.

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The Kaloom Flow Fabric™ (KFF)

The Kaloom Flow Fabric™ (KFF) is a revolutionary software-based data center networking fabric that is specifically targeted at next generation data center environments. The fabric presents a fully programmable solution , the first of its kind , and offers an unprecedented level of automation , scalability and performance. Users will benefit from significant cost reductions and a higher level of operational efficiency.

The KFF enables a new way of networking, leveraging open networking standards and white box hardware.

  • High performance with an order of magnitude reduction in latency, increase in throughput and higher power efficiency
  • A solution optimized for container technology
  • A native IPv6 networking environment capable of supporting IPv6 and IPv4
  • A software solution that runs on the same Standard Linux distribution as compute and storage
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Today's Data Center Networking Challenge

The rise of Internet of Things (loT), 5G networks and Big Data are bringing dramatic changes in the volume, variety and velocity of data being managed by data centers. Currently, most data center environments are not equipped to deal with the critical demands of these emerging technologies such as high performance, low latency, programmability and scalability. As a result, companies need to revaluate how networking will be implemented in their data centers.

Kaloom's mission is to be at the forefront of technological innovation by introducing a high-performance, futureproof data center networking solution that addresses the networking demands required by these emerging technologies.


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