Imagine one Network Operating System across all networking devices.

SONIC is a fully featured Open Source Network Operating System that is built on the SAI (Switch Abstraction  Interface), which defines a standardised API to multiple vendors ASIC's.

SONiC is the first solution to break monolithic switch software into multiple containerized components. SONiC enables fine-grained failure recovery and in-service upgrades with zero downtime. It does this in conjunction with Switch State Service (SWSS), a service that takes advantage of open source key-value pair stores to manage all switch state requirements and drives the switch toward its goal state. Instead of replacing the entire switch image for a bug fix , you can now upgrade the flawed container with the new code, including protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), without data plane downtime. This capability is a key element in the serviceability and scalability of the SONiC platform.

Containerization also enables SONiC to be extremely extensible. At its core, SONiC is aimed at cloud networking scenarios, where simplicity and managing at scale are the highest priority. Operators can plug in new components, third-party, proprietary, or open sourced software, with minimum effort, and tailor SONiC to their specific scenarios.

RedFig Networks provides a commercial-grade version of the SONIC open source NOS for Barefoot Networks Tofino platform backed by RedFig Networks software service, support and development.


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